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G 4


Our systems help to certify, through UNE-ISO/PAS 45005/2021, the management of health and safety in workplaces and public centers.

G 4 prefilters need to meet a number of conditions to be considered as such. In other words, there is a standard that any prefilter must meet to be considered  G4  which means that it must follow specific procedures for its manufacture and pass a series of tests and having certain specific labels and certifications, something that can only be strictly guaranteed by a few manufacturers in the world, including the number 1 multinational in the world market  CAMFIL .

Within the G4 classification there are subclasses and different qualities, but there is a level that any quality filter must meet in order to have it and that minimum establishes that it is capable of capturing at least 80.00%, something that only few manufacturers can achieve. , being the main manufacturer of these filters CAMFIL . If it does not reach that minimum, it will not be able to be commercialized with such quality. You must always ensure the origin and the manufacturer, as they must comply with and provide you with the seals and certificates of guarantee and efficiency of them. (be wary of cheap manufacturers or purifiers for these filters as their prices are determined by their quality). All these conditions and quality certifications guarantee the useful life of the filter and its effectiveness.

Therefore, when an air purification device that requires a filtering system comes onto the market with a G 4 pre-filter, it cannot always be considered quality or professional, since the controls on this are very different depending on where or who manufactures them, very Few manufacturers in the world  have the exhaustive controls and seals that accredit it as number 1 in the world  CAMFIL , which meets the highest global manufacturing control standards in all its filters.


It is essential in any professional air filtering equipment that the HEPA H14 filters are accompanied by other filtering systems for their proper operation, maintenance and effectiveness according to the EN 779 standard. According to the ISO 16890, EN 1820 standards, the first stage of a CORRECT composition of professional standardized air filtration, to be a prefilter called "prefilter G1, G2, G,3, G4", these being the ones used by our patentado  TRIAD PURE ® systems.   Our systems use CAMFIL's G4 pre-filters  cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ that filters up to 20 μm particles of animals and lint to retain any particle larger than 20μ, thus guaranteeing the good condition and energy savings that the durability of the filters  CAMFIL  F7 1 μm and H14 0.03 μm entails.

The second stage of filtering to maintain maintenance regulations are CAMFIL 's F7 filters, which filter up to 1μm, which are used in the second stage for the finest particles, which are used in our systems  TRIAD PURE ® , thus guaranteeing the good condition and energy savings that the durability of CAMFIL filters entails


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* Our products are not medical devices and are not intended to diagnose or cure any disease.

Only prevention and improvement in some of them.

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