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In case of withdrawal, follow the instructions in section “A”.

In case of breakage, parcel damage or malfunction, follow section “B”.


A.- If it is due to own Withdrawal:

You have 14 calendar days to return the item from the moment you receive the package at home.

We will not accept articles that have been handled in a manner other than that necessary to establish their nature, characteristics or operation.

In case, for example, you prefer another product, you must make a new order in our online store.

 How can I make a return?

If you want to return an item, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Fill in the form

Fill in the following return/withdrawal form:  DOWNLOAD

Then send it to  CALLE LEVANTE SN. LOS VIENTOS INDUSTRIAL POLYGON- 46119- NAQUERA- VALENCIA. and print a copy to put in the package to be returned.

STEP 2: Prepare a new package

Once you have printed your return slip, prepare a new package with the return slip placed inside it. Please send us the items well protected by additional external packaging, just as you received it at your address, to avoid possible damage during transport. Please do not stick any label or tape on the item's original box.

STEP 3: Send the package.

Send the package to the address indicated on your return form.

STEP 4: Reimbursement of the money.

Once we manage your return, all payment will be refunded, including shipping costs, when it is the least expensive mode of ordinary delivery in a maximum of 14 calendar days. The money will be refunded according to the payment method you used when placing the order.

In the event that you wish to receive the same product or another alternative product, you must process a new order through our website, paying the shipping costs again.

Please keep in mind that if it is a guarantee return, the management, decision to change and/or repair the product depends exclusively on the brand or manufacturer. The waiting time varies depending on the management time of the technical service of each brand. The decision to change or repair the item will depend exclusively on the brand or manufacturer. Once we have received the response from the brand, we will inform you if the guarantee has been accepted and if so, the brand undertakes to repair or replace the product.


B.- If you receive an erroneous, damaged or defective item, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Download and fill in the following form:  DOWNLOAD

Then send it   along with a photo of the damaged product, save a copy to attach to the package.


Wrong products:

– In the event that you have received an erroneous product, LEMAR LEBEN GROUP, SL undertakes to send you the correct product in the shortest possible time in exchange service, that is, our transport will deliver the correct product and will take the wrong one to return it to our warehouses.

– You have 30 calendar days to make the claim, sending the completed form along with a photograph of the erroneous item.

Damaged or broken products:

– In the event that the merchandise has visible damage to the packaging, it must be notified on the delivery note of the agency and a photograph of the damage must be taken before unpacking to send it to us.

In cases of product breakage/damage*, LEMAR LEBEN GROUP, SL. undertakes to send another product that is in perfect condition.

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